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Do you have a posting schedule?

Yes - See the home page - in the middle, at the bottom

Will you write about any other animes or just mha?

Yes - My list is extensive but here are a few i Have planned.
burn the witch

will you read my book?

Honestly, probably not. I don't mean for that to sound harsh. I just don't have a lot of time and I try to avoid being accidentally influenced by other writers. as a result, i rarely read fanfiction. 

Can you read my work and provide feedback?

Yes - For a price.

*Hustler by 50 cent  plays in the background*

See my shop for pricing details

do you write about anything besides anime?

Yes - i have several fics that are just regular stories as well as... a kpop fanfic coming out in 2022 and a memoir published under my real name.

what's your favorite color?

teal, but i also like purple and black. anything with all 3 is destined to become my favorite anything...
I swear that's not why I like dabi....
it's not...

when is your birthday and/or what sign are you?

July 3 - cancer

does your writing come from personal experience?

Most of it, yeah... 

do you plan out your stories?

I wish... 
I rarely have any idea where the story is going to go. I kind of let the characters write themselves based on who they are in my head at the time. thus far, the only exceptions are bound by aizawa (I had the ending planned,) and Berserker's Bane - I have planned out an entire trilogy based on this concept.


Yes, all artwork, both sfw and nsfw  is posted on my patreon in the $40 tier. 

DO YOU use artwork from other artists?

Yes, if you would like to submit a piece for consideration, please message me on instagram @xanjel69. I also purchase commissions from artists to go along with my writing or for the art tier on my patreon.

What's your favorite story of the ones you've written?

god, that's so hard to answer. they're all my favorite at one point or another. i think 7 minutes, berserker's bane and mindf$ck will be my best stories in terms of writing, but I love them all. 

DO YOU take commissions?

Yes, The $100 Tier on my patreon is a commission tier. $100 tier supporters get a customized story to their specifications of up to 15k words.

would you consider a collab?

Maybe. Collaborations are difficult under the best of circumstances, but I'm not opposed to the idea, If you've got a good story idea and you want me to help write it, message me on instagram. 

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